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July 13, 2009



Oh I love this picture! THAT is what it is all about.


This is a treasure!


That is just so so adorable! Should be on the cover of Family Fun magazine!


Adorable picture! Are you near where the explosion was? I can't help but be thinking of you and your family!!!


This is totally off-topic but I wanted to thank you for the inspiration to do the Couch-to-5K a few months ago. I decided if you could do it, so could I. Today was my last day and I didn't miss any of my 3 times a week. I can now run 3 miles(takes 39 min, but I CAN do it!) thanks to you.



I Love reading your blog! Your family is beautiful and you are really an inspiration for me... I have a boy and a girl. I'd like 4 kids too but for now2 is all we can afford! :)

I always read all your post and love your photographs as well. It's a shame my blog is in portuguese...

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