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July 09, 2009



Congratulations on your furry new addition! She's a BEAUTY - which means she'll fit right in with your gorgeous family :) Such a darling puppy!


Janet, Miss Maggie is fabulous! What a wonderful addition to your family! So many wonderful memories about to begin...congratulations!


Oh my goodness - what a BEAUTIFUL, CUTE, ADORALBE puppy! I'm so jealous. :)


There is nothing more magical than a Golden face. The photos of the kids seeing her fore the first time is priceless. The one of Caleb (?) and her running toward the camera is fantabulous! And my own son has that same outfit. I just recognized the shirt! LOL! Congrats and enjoy!!!!


How great Janet! So fun that you got to suprise the kids with Maggie!!! I couldn't agree more - those pictures speak summer childhood!


awww..SO SWEET!!! Such a beautiful pup! Love your pictures, Looking through them actually made me tear up.
Maybe I am just having an emotional day but, It made me remember the day that we brought home our dog.
I never quite realized how much a dog would change our lives -- for the better. (Although, you wouldn't have heard me say that when we were in the puppy training stages...LOL:))

But, We love our retriever/poodle mix. Retrievers are the greatest animals. They give so much unconditional love.

Enjoy and Goodluck with that puppy training business. One thing that we did that saved me a lot of headache was tie a "christmas bell" on a string and tie it on the door knob. We would put our puppies paw to the bell each time we took her out on the leash. Within 2 days... she got it. She would ring the bell when she had to go out instead of peeing on the floor. It made life so much easier, greatly decreased the accidents.

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