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May 27, 2009



Wow! So many exciting developments!! It's so cool how God gives us stuff we didn't even need, then adds more blessings on top, all because He loves us! So happy for all of you!

michelle waite

Your house is beautiful. We have watched some documentaries on Sea Turtles. How cool to be able to see them in person.
We are just finishing our first year of homeschooling. I totally agree that kids need to run, play and be kids. My son has enjoyed much free time this year, but is still ahead of his grade level.


Praising God with you! Congrats on the new house and your decision to homeschool, its a wonderful journey!


Oh I'm so happy for you for your new house and the homeschooling! Best of luck! I know it is wonderful to know that you're going to be the one they spend their day with instead of other people. You will do great I have no doubt!!

Jackie Wilson

You are an inspiration to people you don't even know, namely me. Thank you for sharing your passion for Christ and living a life for an "audience of One". God bless you and I'll be checking back. You encourage me and I'm sure many others.


God is good all the time- I have followed your blog for a while now including when you lived in Florida and was trying to decide what to do next and it is amazing to me what happens when we just decide to listen to and follow God- He does amazing things!! A few years ago my husband worked at a place that was one of the best in town to work at without a college degree and they went on strike- we had just found out our son has cystic fibrosis about a year earlier and our fantastic insurance was about to become not so fantastic. God took care of us during the strike and my husband put in applications at different places and the strike was over and he went back to work and then a few months later- he got a call from one of the jobs- it was a dept of defense job- The way they picked him for this job was obviously a God thing- the only problem was this particular base was on the base closure list and the pay was going to be less than he was making currently. We prayed and prayed about it and despite people thinking we were crazy for him taking the job, he took it and the company he was working for has cut hours and production like crazy. It was just another way God was taking care of us, we just had to follow Him. My husband was in a motorcycle wreck recently and had he been at the other job- we would have not had a paycheck all this time and with this job, he has been taken care of through people donating leave and being able to borrow leave. We knew it was the right thing for my husband to take this job but God just keeps showing us over and over how right it was. Just like He is with your family- He is blessing you so much for stepping out in faith and following Him. Thank you so much for writing about your faith- it is such an encouragement!!

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