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February 19, 2009



Thanks for taking the time to update! I always enjoy reading what your little family is up to! How fun Katelynn is saying 'up'. My almost 16 month old still only says 'mama' and 'papa'. I guess if his four-year-old brother ever stopped talking for more than a few seconds he might actually have a reason to say more...


Ah, this post was really sweet and your photography skills are excellent. What camera do you use? They all look like such happy kiddies. Thanks for taking the time to share your life with us strangers. It motivates me to do the same and capture those little things which mean so much.
Have a great day.


Love the update Janet!!! Great glimpses into your awesome life! Cute family! I LOVE the rainbow cupcake idea - totally might have to do that for Braelyn - she thanks God for rainbows almost everyday (even though we RARELY see them!). LOL! I will for sure pray for a creative marriage rendevous for you and Jason - it is AMAZING what it can do for a marriage! I totally know what you mean about leaving that many kids with someone and the cost that it can induce. I only have 3 kiddos, and I have two sets of parents around, and it is still hard, so I can only imagine how hard it can be for you guys!


It's so wonderful to hear (read) positive things being said about children. Too often I hear mom's grumbling about them. (Um...guilty as charged). I really need to sit down and make a list of the things I love about my own.


Great update. That rainbow cupcake was gorgeous! You have such a neat family. Thanks for sharing with us!


I love your pics! Looking at them makes me a little (ok...a lot) green with envy! My shots of my kids still are not turning out 1/2 this good (especially indoors where most of them happen!!)
Love that you still have time to blog a little of your personal life. Thanks for sharing :) I check in here occasionally, but TheDailyDigi is in my (firefox) Morning Coffee :)


Hi Janet, I'm Ruth from Malaysia. I love your blog! You are so blessed with a wonderful family:) and you are really fabulous mom who can do so many thing in one time with four kiddos. (I'm SAHM with only 2 kiddos, but I used to feel too tired with house chores and spend my full time with kids!)I thank God that I found your blog, and what you shared in this post, remind me to be thankful with ALL the God gave me today and how to be a JOYFUL & POSITIVE thinker mom!!! :)


I also have four kids (11,10,7 and 4) and wanted to share some advice on the marriage building the older two get older, it will be easier to spend time together...even it's at home. My older two can entertain the younger set while my husband and I have an uninterrupted conversation. But, this didn't happen for a HANG IN THERE! I'll be praying that the Lord sends you the perfect babysitter that can handle four kiddos without a problem!

Jean Miller

Janet, you have four wonderful kids and God has blessed you with many talents!!! I look forward to keeping up with you:) I'm going to add you to my blogroll! Many blessing.

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