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February 06, 2009



I know what you mean with that one hour in the afternoon when time seems to slow down to a crawl while we are waiting for our significant other to come home from work!! I feel the same way! Love your pages, as always! I wish I could journal like that! Writing is one thing that doesn't come easy to me. Just working on my "Photo a Day" captions has been a big challenge!


Hi, thanks for sharing your daily routine. With 5 kids of my own, I totally understand where you are coming from! Same goes with getting a babysitter as well :)
Just wondering about the credits for your last layout it's lovely and I love the doodled hearts. Thanks so much!

Erin Jensen

I Know that this is random, but awhile back... A long while back, you showed a picture of acool laptop bag/sleeve that was totally cute and functional! I looked fir a search bar to find it on you blog, but no luck. Do you happen to remember that brand/site? Random I know, but if you remember that would rock!!!

I also wanted to let you know your site rocks!!! Thanks for doing what us digi scrappers really needed!!!



How sweet of Jason to give you some time to regroup - very precious. But you are right -- we time is important too -- I do hope that you find someone to have the 'we-time'...

I am so sorry that you had your gorgeous bedroom set only for 6 months. Well, hopefully soon you will find a new one you like :) I really like how you have scrapped it - marvelous.
Great pages for inspiration - thank you for sharing them.

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