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January 13, 2009



LOVE, LOVE what you did with the template - it was good inspiration for me. Hoping to use it this week. And I'm really loving the site. It's a great, quick resource.


Janet - I'm lovin' the new site! I'm glad you followed through on your inspiration! I couldn't imagine a better person to provide the information you are giving us. Thanks for doing it!!

Shabby Miss Jenn

LOOOVE the new blog banner Janet! Super cute! You are soooo creative! I absolutely LOVE your new site The Daily Digi! It's just so awesome and fun!

Holly in Japan

Beautiful new look on this blog. And Yes, I am one of the many who are thoroughly enjoying your Daily Digi. Yes, just what I need. Yes, just the perfect amount for one day.

Every morning Daily Digi is the first place I visit. I log on wondering what new adventures and information are in store for that day.

Thank you again, Janet.

I'm so glad you did too!

Jennifer W. (Simple Scrapper)

I definitely understand how hard it is to move from dreaming to doing. It is all to easy to be paralyzed by a plethora of ideas. Just jump and keep it simple!


This is so exciting!! I, too, have been absent from digi the past few months. I scrapped my first pages this week...and I think it was October since I last scrapped! It was crazy going from one to two layouts a day to NOTHING! My photography business kept me insanely busy & I just had to remove myself from the digi world for a bit! But, I'm determined to make a little bit of me time and not neglect the hobby that I love! I love the idea for your new site!

(and I miss you bunches!)


Kept looking for a place to message you...will just leave it here...just popped in on your dailydigi site, I am already thoroughly enjoying your site. Bought the 1st digi-file...waiting not-so-patiently for it to download. It's a site much like one I've always wished I could have of my own, but didn't think I could do something like it either (or that people would read it :)....funny I was thinking that just as I was reading your Eleanor R. quote above!
Just wanted to let you know your work is already being appreciated! (Bummed I missed out on your site that closed an hour ago!!)



Thank you so much for this entry, Janet! Am one of many who stalk your blog :) I'd love to put the Eleanor Roosevelt quote you scrapped in my own blog (with a proper credit to you ofcourse), if that is okay. I'm currently undergoing a change at work myself, and often feel overwhelmed like i'm totally in over my head! Reading this entry and that quote stopped me short. So thank you so much! :D


Didn't know where else to send you the link to the lo I made using the cool 4-circle template you handed out back in January. Thanks so much for it, Janet. Can you tell I used to work on a food magazine??

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