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August 02, 2008



Yeah--woohoo! Glad your trip was good, and that you are now where you truly desire to be! I can't wait to hear more:)


It is just surreal to me that you are THERE now! So glad it feels like home and hope that settling in goes smoothly. What a blessing to have uneventful travel! That is a miracle in itself!


glad you're there and safe.


glad to know you are safe and home Janet!

Amanda J.

It's so good to hear you are there and safe! And home :).


I'm so glad you arrived safe and sound! And hurray on having a good trip with the kiddos!

Vanessa Armstrong

Glad your trip went well Janet. That's great the kids were good on your trip. I haven't flown in almost 2 years since we took Keira to Hawaii. I don't want to do it with 2 kids, I don't know how you managed with 4. LOL!

Hope you guys get all settled in soon.

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