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August 26, 2008



Thanks, Janet! That is a huge help so I can understand what it's like there a bit. And of course I don't mind that you posted my questions (but then again, I know you wouldn't have if you thought it could be a problem). Anyhow, I really do appreciate you taking the time to answer all these questions and I am fascinated by it (along with other cultures in general). And I'm sorry you don't care for the food (so far). Hopefully you'll find some things that are more to your liking:) Have a great day/night!

Leslie (lhaslem)

oh, thank you so much for are right, I'm sure lots of us were wondering about the daily stuff and I can't wait to hear more. Sounds like you and the family are really settling in!


Thanks for sharing, Janet! I am always so interested to see how differently things are done in other places. I think that it's awesome that you guys are adjusting so well!! Can't wait to see photos!!


You hit it right on the head!! There are so many similarities between Indonesia and the Philippines that you might as well have been describing my homeland. Our household helps actually become some sort of family to us. My grandmother had a laundrywoman who continued to do the laundry and ironing for my mom. A couple of her daughters and in-laws were our help for a few years too. I think she treats us as her family too. When I moved to the States and she found out that I was doing all the chores, she literally burst in tears (accdg. to my mom) and wished she could come over to help me.

anyway, thanks for sharing. It's fun to read of your experiences and gain insight on a westerner's view of the local culture.


Wow! How interesting is all this! I had no I'm really not taking the Costco and Walmart for granted. are you allowed to get goodie boxes? Or do they not allow food/treats through customs?

Shabby Miss Jenn

Whoops..the above post was mine...but wrong email! LOL

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