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August 06, 2008



Hey! I'm soooooo glad to hear that everything is going so well. You guys sound like you're in your element :) and enjoying your new life already! It's great to hear you so happy and content! I can't believe K has a tooth already, crazy kid! I wish she was here to pass on Shannon's clothes to. Well, I look forward to you getting internet again so we can catch up. Talk to you soon!


Wow - sounds like you guys are busy busy there getting stuff situated! How fun! Glad the kids are doing well and adjusting just fine! I can't believe Katelyn has a tooth either - wow - Gracyn is 10 months and just popped two finally! Have a great couple days/weeks till we hear from you again!


Aren't the kids great? They really bounce back and surprise everyonem don't they? Glad to head your kiddos are adjusting to life here in Asia! I'm sure you'll get there, too! :)

Andrea :)

I'm so glad to hear you mad it there safe! You are AMAZING to do this adventure with such young kids, I'm quite sure my kids would NOT have handled it anywhere near as well as yours did, and thank heavens they did so well, SO glad to hear that!
Sounds like it takes a second to get everything set up, good luck with all that!

I also have to mention, all of your photos are so clear and gorgeous on this blog, they just blow me away! I really need to figure out how the heck to take cooler pictures like you do!


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