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August 20, 2008



There is a way to fix that, Janet...

Email me and I'll explain the process. It's not too hard, but it will take more than a response here!!

BTW, We are getting hit hard in FL!!! I'm on the east coast (by Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral) and we are getting POUNDED!!!!! You got to miss the BIG storm!!


I got all the instructions down here for ya... I figured it might be easier and help some other Mac users as well....

How to make your "folder" look like a "preview"....

1. Open the file and find the preview picture.
2. Open the preview picture that you want to use and view in "Preview". When in "Preview", either go to Edit -> Copy or do Apple-C to copy the pic.
3. Close out the file and click on the file folder (right-click or double click, if on a notebook)
4. Go down to "Get Info" and click.
5. When that pops up, there will be a little folder in the left hand corner. Do not use the LARGE folder in the bottom. Click on the little folder and you will see it slightly highlighted. Either go to Edit->Paste or do Apple-V to paste the picture.


I hope this helps!!!!

Erin Gardner-Jensen

Great Pages!!! Can you tell me some the the kits that you used to create them?


It's good to know that one of my personal giftings is "lighting a fire under people" LOL! Love seeing your pages! You inspire me! Someone in our forum at SBG is asking where the blue floral paper you used above is from. Is that a Shabby Princess paper? It looks familiar, but I couldn't place it.


Janet -

Car + HouseHelper Prayers For You.

*Off Topic: What paper is that in the b/g on that first l/o of Katie? I love it (and your layouts!), but cannot find it.

Take Care,


LOL! I didn't see Becky asking you for me in the post above mine!

Yep. That was me! :)

Try this blog Janet.


Love seeing your LO's - as always. :) Will pray for those requests plus! Take care!!


if you figure out the mac thing would you post a tutorial...not loving my mac book either


I will be praying for you guys! We went 18 months on the mission field with no car and that's with only one child so I feel for you! Love all the LO's :)

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