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August 27, 2008



Glad you got some type of transportation, Janet! It looks so beautiful there outside. Is there anything like a rainy season there, or is it humid? And can you pass along your scratch recipe for your pizza crust and sauce??? It looks sooooooo yummy!


It's all just completely and utterly fascinating to me! I love how you share all this with us! Those banana muffins do look YUMMO - I would be eating down non-stop too! Awesome pics!

Margie S.

Thanks for posting the pics! I was curious what it was like there. We atleast get a regular size stove here even though it's small to US it's bigger than where you are! Love your wheels :) Still praying for you to find a car!!

Donna (kygirl)

Janet, I'm so glad you're sharing this. It's not all that different from the way I grew up in rural Kentucky back in the 60s. Except we didn't have an Ibu, just a great aunt who lived with us. Glad to see you and your family settling in.


Wow! I love getting to peek into your life in Indonesia...Keep the updates coming! You guys are awesome!


LOVED your pics - it's so true!! There's lots of things I'm grateful for in Malaysia. Cute wheels, btw! Now that I could handle!! Have a a safe trip to Singapore.


that was such an interesting post...I never realized how differant things would be there..thanks for sharing! I love reading about your adventures;D


Hi Janet. I sent you an email, off you received it.


your wheels look cool! :) It's great to hear how you and your family are adjusting to everything so well!


Glad to hear you are all settled and doing well - it looks so beautiful! Your photos and commentary cracked about what is in your house cracked me up - we've had all of those things (except for the box oven) at one point or another while living in Honduras, Venezuela and Japan. I am also glad you have such a wonderful helper - one of the wonderful blessings of living in that part of the world!


FYI: You've been tagged as a blog I love! :)

Holly in Japan

Hi Janet,
Your appliances are exactly the same as I was using here years ago. The washing machine is still the same now too. Never did get one of those nifty ovens though. Wonderful. Life in rural asia seems to be set at a slower pace, and things take so much longer to get done. What an interesting and wonderful experience for your and your family. Please keep the photos coming!

Kimberly Geswein

I love your electric bike!!! They're teh best aren't they??? I'm glad you're settling in to your new (old) expat life! :)

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