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August 15, 2008



Janet, Nice pics! What did you do to make the background look like black velvet?
Love ya, Dee


Oh I looooooooooove these photos! Especially how all the eyes are so nice and bright!! I seem to often get those dark sockets, and I think with some people it's worse than others (like my son with dark eyes that are deeper set). Anyhow, I am having typepad troubles too. I just don't even post photos anymore now b/c of it (and they even say it is *fixed*). Blah--I'd like to switch, but I also don't know who to switch to! I'm so glad you are in Indonesia now, where you truly desire to be (and that you can post again LOL). Hope you are feeling better!!!!


Janet....these pictures are A.DOR.A.BLE!!! LOVE them! Still praying that you guys all start feeling 100% better

Christina G

CUTE kiddos! Love your pics! Sure hope you all start feeling much better!!

Have you tried Windows Live Writer? I like it so much more than trying to post in Typepad.


My goodness, your photos are splendid! Love the lighting. Okay, so when you come visit :), gotta have you take some pics of my kids. Glad you're feeling a bit better. We had a round of the yuckies here too with one kiddo having croup - ugh. Hope things keep getting better!


The pictures are just gorgeous!


the photos are soooo sweet. what lovely capture of their lovely eyes.

I work for TypePad, and would be happy to help you out if you are still having issues. Let me know what we can do.


Janet, don't give up on TypePad, just download LiveWriter and use it to prepare your's REALLY REALLY cool! (just pick out the apps you want) Gorgeous photos of those kids!!

Jenna {Sweeet}

Hey Janet, nice to finally be able to comment on your's been a long time, but so happy for you and your family and that all is going well with the new digs and all. I LOVE your photos, so beautiful and those eyes of all of your babies are simply stunning, watchout momma! I hope someday I could RAK you...e-mail me, no pressure and definitely NO rush. God bless and we'll chat soon.

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