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July 23, 2008



Oh MY!! That is one GORGEOUS rainbow! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I am usually a lurker on your blog but read it daily.....:) Keep on sharing. I love reading your blog.


I can't believe those are from the iPhone! Wow! I love double rainbows. I caught one from the car once.

Anyway--I just ordered extra batteries and an extra charger (because my "real" charger sprouted legs and wandered off) from a place called There are reviews on amazon, but I ordered directly from their website. Really good customer service and super fast shipping. And crazy cheap. 2 batteries and a charger for $35 shipped or something like that.


I'm amazed at the quality of those photos - awesome! What a marvelous display of God's creation!


Oh my, that little "hailman" is just too adorable. LOVE your spirit of adventure!


Totally amazing! What crazy weather! At least you got some great shots with a phone camera! God is good, All the time, All the time, God is good! What a great reminder of His promise - and that is a stunning reminder right there!

Kristin Hasson

Wow! Those are great! I hate when my batteries aren't charged! Thanks for sharing.


YOu take the most awesome and stunning photos, Janet! SLR OR iPhone! Wow!


Absolutely gorgeous photos.

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