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June 25, 2008



We just moved from Memphis. If you have a spare morning or afternoon, you should go to Mud Island.

It's a lazy fun place for the kids to wade through the mini Mississippi.


Sweetie....that last paragraph is just what I needed. God has really been speaking to me today through many different outlets. Thank you for your post!


Ha - I was wrong! I guessed for a long time you were an INTJ!

Signed, ENFP sister!


that is such a precious pic of the boys, lol! They look pooped! :)


I have to say--that Myers Briggs thing has always driven me crazy. I can't answer the questions b/c almost every one of them, I think to myself--well, it depends! LOL! So there I sit, trying to determine which is *most* like me, and I'm just never sure. So I finally just quit the test and let it be. But that's really fascinating that your type is so uncommon. I wonder what the most common type is? Or is it all split about the same?

Love seeing the pics and I am so excited for you going to live your dreams serving in Indonesia. I pray this is a wonderful experience and the Lord is glorified in your work. Don't forget to let me know how to support you. {HUGS}

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