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June 16, 2008



So will Jason be driving 45-60 minutes to work and back every day then, or is your home closer to the new school than the old school? Everything looks great - how cool to have a balcony off your bedroom!!! You guys can sit out there with your coffees and converse! Love it! What a colorful city too - wow! I hope your travels go well and that you get all you need to accomplish done today!!! How exciting - CHANGE!


How exciting it all looks!! The first few pictures resemble Florida, actually! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!


Looks beautiful there.


Why do I think that there are more than just "a few individuals" having problems with Typepad???? I can't get it to work right for me either! grrrr! Sometimes, if I use Firefox, it will work, but only sometimes. Ugh. Oh well. Anyhow, thanks for posting all these pics. It's nice to see what it looks like there. And I'm wondering--how far will Jason have to travel to and from work each day? It seems like a long way, but maybe I'm just reading it wrong? LOL!


WOW! What an awesome adventure you are embarking on. Good luck!


hey the place looks great...doesn't even look like Indonesia which I've been before. I did a search so this is in Bandung. I was there last year for a trip, this a nice place for shopping :), lots of factory outlet


hey Janet, here's how it looks like inside:

click on the type on the right hand side :)

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