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June 18, 2008



If you need some additional creative outlet while in Michigan give me a shout - I'll volunteer our family. But, I'm sure all Sally's subjects will offer you plenty of outlet. :-)

Praying for you and your packing specifically today!


gorgeous photos, Janet! And hey, if and when we go to Indonesia, I'll volunteer my family, too! LOL!


What great pictures - I am sure they LOVE them! So important - I too never had photos with my parents really! Hope your final packing is going alright! I keep thinking of you and how you are doing it with 4 kids - me doing it with 3 is about to put me over the edge.

Theresa Marie

FABULOUS photos!!! What kind of camera do you use??? I love the photo close up (second to last) blue gorgeous, and stunning eyes! WOW!
btw... I've been thinking of you a lot lately with your packing and moving, praying that you have the patience and strength you need to get everything done and thanking God for His perfect timing in all that needs to be done. Hugs Janet.

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