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May 20, 2008



Wow--that's a really good phone picture! Mine takes horrible photos! I love looking at your pages--they still continue to inspire me. And I am thinking I will really need to pray for the desire to pray for the desire to pray that prayer (and no, I didn't accidentally double type anything there). Thanks for sharing, Janet!


I will have to look at that pray and do what Hollie said!!! ;) You are just soo spiritually inspirational!


Hugs to you! I am inspired by your strength. And that is a darling photo, by the way!


thanks for sharing janet! i'm printing out that prayer and am grateful for the challenge in my own prayer life. katelynn is getting sooo big!!


THanks for sharing your thoughts and the prayer! What font did you use for your journaling?


Thank you for sharing that. I went to Tom's site and printed it out. A great way to start the day ...... It is so hard to let go of all that, but I know I need to.


that is a POWERFUL morning prayer, Janet! Very hard to pray, even harder to live by, I think! But it is downright humbling and touching. Bookmarking that to share with others as well. Thank you for letting us know about this prayer!

Can't wait to see your new templates!


thanks for the link janet. that is a hard prayer to pray and i garee with hollie, i have gotten so far away from the desire to die to self that i have gotten way to caught up in myself and have become quite selfish. no wonder i am miserable most days lately. i am so glad that the references are there because i am so far gone that i had to look up a couple of them because i have forgotten how to yield my right to privacy, and to be accepted- that's a big one for me! oh man do i need lots of help, but praise God that i have it when i need it!
i love your layout and the different tones of the photos!


Thanks for the bit of guidance. I will share that prayer with my husband. Amazing that you found it so soon before you needed the "acceptance" reminder. See how that works :)
Your daughter is adorable!

Jean Hanson

Thanks for the link to The Morning Prayer. Wow! I've printed it out and plan to use it as a basis for a personal bible study. I have also shared it with my husband as well as the Grandparent's Prayer. The grandparent's prayer is so timely right now for us. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me.


Thanks for the link to the morning prayer - I am going to print it out and post it somewhere so it is in my face every morning! Everything in it is what I want to do, yet I don't want to do it - does that make sense? Thank you for your continued inspiration - scrapping and faith-wise!


What a cutie Katelynn is! She looks like a china doll. Thanks for the prayers.

Debbie Pearson

Perfect timing for yesterday's post. It kind of slapped me in the face as a reminder for myself and some things going on within my own life. I am a faithful blog stalker and find your commentary inspirational....and I love looking at your beautiful pictures! :)

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