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May 21, 2008



No, don't stop!! You are part of my morning routine along with my first cup of coffee. I miss you when you're gone ;-).

Seriously, I do find a lot of inspiration in both your writings from the heart and your talent. Keep it coming!

People use your blog against you?!?! Seriously, some people need a life!


I cannot count the times I've been encouraged by you. By your faith, by your parenting, by your talent, by your strength, by your genuineness.
I don't often comment, but it's important that you know how big of an impact you make in so many lives.
It's the truth!


Janet, please don't stop your blog!! I read it specifically for the accountability you offer (maybe unknowingly!) for my spiritual walk. I haven't been involved with Bible studies lately and miss the daily interaction with other ladies, so your blog gives that comfort to me! Please don't change anything you do! Of course I love the scrapping info and I've bought most of your templates, so I look forward to that as well!


love reading your blog!

Shabby Miss Jenn

ACK! I thought of quitting mine too but ya know..we just love reading your entries Janet. :)


Janet, I'm so thankful for your blog. It really is encouraging. Often it's almost like a devotional for me -- getting me to think about my life and the Lord, parenting, etc. (and I often read over breakfast). You're really inspirational, yet authentic. We all appreciate that!

Hey Janet. It's your sis and I think you're cool.


I want to tell you that I love reading your blog - I read every post. And you are such an encouragement - especially with parenting and faith. You amaze me so often. God has a purpose for each of us - and yours may be reaching people via your blog. It is Satan's work to try and block you from God's purpose. Don't let him succeed. HUGS!!


You've gotta keep your blog going! I love it! Both for the yummy scrapbooking goodness and the "realness" of your everyday life!

I found your blog last summer and for three days straight at work I went back and read EVERYTHING from the beginning...Since then, I've been checking everyday!!

And hey! Since we're only one state away, maybe we'll actually meet some day!


Oh no Janet, please don't stop posting! I may not comment often, but I read your blog every day. You are truly an amazing woman-mom, wife, scrapbooker and child of God. You are such an inspiration to me and I admire your talent. Please keep blogging!

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