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May 12, 2008



What a touching post Janet - that service must have been amazing!

Karen (makabe)

This was so moving to read. Thank you for sharing your LO, the pics of your beautiful children, your witness and the amazing service you were a part of! I remember those feelings all too well myself... It's so wonderful that your church does something so tangible to support those going through that pain now, and to give mothers who know what it's like an opportunity to help in some way. My son Samuel was named for that Bible passage, so I can't think of a better way to pray for women who want to be blessed with children!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!


Janet - you inspire me daily and this entry touches me to the very depth of my soul. Yesterday I turned 38 and celebrate MD too...I have two beautiful healthy boys but don't feel as though I'm done having babies and fear carrying another one (my last pg was a bit rough at the end)...I'm going to read the prayer of Hannah now and sending your link to our pastor too. What a beatiful idea. I think all churches should have such a service.

I look forward to your entries daily!

(a church friend of Sally's)


What a wonderful post Janet. I too remember all too well the feeling of losing a child to miscarriage. It hurts. The wondering when and IF I will ever be able to have one of my own, the WHY. Today I have 2 beautiful children who are my world, my life.


Janet, that was beautiful. I went through a very similar experience and echo every word you've written. Thanks for sharing your heart today!

Margie S.

What a heartwarming post Janet! I remember dreading Mother's Day church services when all the Mom's would be asked to stand so they could be prayed for. I never had the miscarriages just could never have children by birth. We were blessed to adopt our daughter and my heart always goes out to those who struggle with becoming a Mom! Lovely lovely photos!!!!!!! You have a beautiful family :)

Michelle Filo

Extremely touching post Janet (as usual)
LOVE the photos :)
sorry for being such a lurker lately, time is scarce at the moment (as if that will ever change, LOL)

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