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May 26, 2008


Shabby Miss Jenn

Soooo awesome! I love that Praise page! I just recently gave up on finding the 'perfect' church..has always been my we have found one that miraculously fits our child's needs over and above our expectations..maybe mine were too high to begin with..but just enjoying it and not worrying about my expectations has made it even more incredible everytime we go. :)

Kacee Hogg

I love all of your pages but I thought the one on being an American was worded beautifully. My husband and I lived in Romania years ago as missionaries and those are times I would NEVER trade. It is very hard for people to understand why we would love to live there again when we have so much here. It was as if you were looking into my head when you wrote why you wanted to live in Asia because those are some of the same reasons why we would move to Europe again. We love America, and we feel so truly blessed to have all that has been given to us. As you know we are all called for a specific purpose in this life and we feel our calling is to "go" and help others in different parts of the world. Hopefully we will get to go and do that again someday, God willing. Thank you for standing up so stongly for what you feeland for reminding us all that the picture is much bigger than ourselves.


Beautiful pages -- all of them!
You got a shout out over at Card of the for Scrapbook Saturday -- you can check it out at

I would have mentioned you by name, instead of by blog, but your name isn't on your site! Amazing work -- thanks for sharing it.

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