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April 22, 2008



Thank you! Very cute layout!

Leslie (lhaslem)

I love that Kellie and her family do this each year...what a wonderful way to honor her little guy. You are a wonderful friend to her, too! Thank you for the awesome template!



Thank you, Janet. This is such a tender reminder of a life not forgotten =)


My heart goes out to Kellie too - she has started an amazing thing by doing Smiles for Miles! So many people will be blessed today! Thank you Janet for your gift of kindness!


Thanks for the gift in honor of Miles :)


Thanks for the gift in honor of Miles :)


Thanks! I read about Miles again yesterday and he has been on my mind ever since!


What a great LO...and super sweet of you to honor this day. Will keep their family in my thoughts as squeeze my little ones!

Shawna Taylor

Thanks so much Janet!!


Thank you, Janet!


Thank you Janet. I will put pictures of my babies in that and hug them tightly.


Thank you!


Thanks so much for this wonderful template!!!


Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I'll scrap my precious babies pictures in it!!


Thank you, Janet. What a sweet way to remember Miles.


Janet - this is such a sweet thing to do in honor of Kellie and her son. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jennifer Caputo

It's fabulous Janet, and such a beautiful tribute to Miles.


Thanks for the wonderful freebie! You do such a great job on your templates. I also love your honesty and vulnerability about your life. It makes me as a mom feel better to KNOW that all moms are not perfect. You always seem like such a supermom...but I love how you throw in little stories of reality (not to say that you aren't a great mom!).

Brooke - in Oregon

What a sweet thing to do and such a beautiful 'pay it forward' in memory of Miles. Love the layout too.

It must have been really popular too because you have reached your download limit :) Which is actually really cool that you spread that much joy around in Miles memory!


Thanks so much for sharing this template with us. And for such a sweet & tender reason. (And your templates are so awesome!!!)


Janet -
Thanks so much for the template and the reminder to cherish every day we have with those we love.


Thank you so much Janet for the gift. I think Kellie and her family have a wonderful tradition of remembering and honoring Miles and it's fantastic that so many people participate. Thank you.


Janet, I love you to pieces! Thank you so much for taking part in Miles' day. I am so grateful for your friendship...God knew what He was doing when He allowed our paths to cross!


This page really touched me. You got a "shout out" on the Best of the Blogosphere: Best Scrapbook Pages. Check it out:



Thanks Janet. Your templates are a BIG help to creative-challenged me. Love to Kellie and her family.

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