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April 16, 2008


Michelle Filo

that is so cute!!! it can melt anyone's hart to see the love of two kids like this. I know my little ones make me teary ever so often :) gorgeous page Janet! Hope you get lots done!


How adorable! Just can't get enough of that kit! Hope you accomplish a bunch today and have of course Dad and the kids will have a riot at Disney!


Hehe--that sounds familiar! E never has kisses or hugs for anyone except her new little sister!! Haha!! Have a great day and I hope that you get lots done!


Love the LO!


Hey, just saw your comment of Jessica's blog regarding not going to Disney in the summer. I worked there in the 80's and you are right. I live in Mt. Dora, you? Don't you love Jessica? She is the best ever... Do you digi only or do you also hybrid/trad. scrapbook? Your children are very sweet. take care

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