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April 24, 2008



So funny because I feel the exact same way about learning stuff. There is so much I aspire to do/be, but I HATE learning! :) I want to be good and be good right away! :) Have fun with photography - I actually think you are already great! What great LO's again - I just love to read your journaling b/c you have such a knack for getting down your feelings! That is a real talent!

Florida - Fort Meyers is where we'll be - I need to email you with more specifics and see if we can see eachother! I have no clue how far apart we would be b/c I am just not all that familiar with FL!!! I will try to shoot you an email today or tomorrow!


SO with you on the photography thing! On my way out the door this morning I noticed the moon was still out - and it looked SO cool - so I grabbed the camera took a shot - or 50! Hoping that some combination of settings would give me a good one. I will probably end up liking the one taken in auto mode and once again wonder why I need an $800 camera and $250 lens then!

That time for me layout is SO poinent! WOW!


Um, I would hardly say you're a photography beginner ...:)


Wow!!! I was totally thinking the same thing today. I am a beginner (started in Nov) and want to just get it perfect the 1st time around....don't want to take the time to learn...just want to know it. Drop shadows are driving me CRAZY!!! Thanks for your words...I'm going to practice now LOL!


Good for you - I get too overwhelmed at ILP!

I love the lo's you shared, that your daughter is doing pages, and the gorgeous template in memory of Miles.

I just love visiting your blog!


Awesome page! You got a "shout out" on the Best of the Blogosphere: Best Scrapbook Pages. Check it out:


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