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March 28, 2008



Your family is beautiful. I really hate when others think you need to hear their opinion of your life. Yes, everyone has a right to voice an opinion, but they often should not. A friend of mine is about to have a baby and is going to be a SAHM, which she's already nervous about, and she's had so many people being negative about that to her. Really bothers me.

Anyway, I hope you guys have a great Spring Break and down time. We're camping this weekend, so some rest and fun for us as well!


You have such a gorgeous family!!!

Shabby Miss Jenn



I seem to have a bunch of friends with 4 kiddos and one of them tells me that is the question of choice now--"Are they ALL yours??" I love seeing people happy to have kids and enjoying it! Your 4 are so precious--I'm so happy for you!!!


look at those sweeties!!!!!! you're so blessed and, yup - all you have is all you need (and what you can handle, too! never more). :) your little one is so yummy.


What a great LO! Love the photo of all ARE so blessed!

Brooke - in Oregon

You know you have brought up something that never used to cross my mind but it does now. When I make a comment about something, I know how I mean it but not everyone takes it that way. Because I might say wow you really have your hands full. but in that I would mean, you are pretty amazing to put all the love and time in to raise 4 kiddos to be loving people. I felt like I had my hands as full as I could handle with two:) I know I am going to be careful to work on how I word things. I would really hate to hurt someones feelings. You really have me thinking here :)

Your love for your family shines out for everyone to see. And oh good golly you have cute kids! :)

Have a great weekend!

Margie S.

You are blessed indeed!!
I remember growing up-we are 6 children-2 birth and 4 adopted...imagine the comments my Mom got with 6 kids 5 years :)
Your family is beautiful!!

Michelle Filo

They're yours, they're gorgeous, you are all blessed :) I don't think you have made bad choices, that is crazy talk! Nobody know right or worng choices for YOUR life but you (and God). I do think you must have your hands full though LOL
Hope you are having a greeeeeeeat weekend!


You've mentioned quite a few times that a lot of people express their disagreement over your "kid choices" and I am still baffled that people have enough nerve to SAY that kind of thing. I come from a long line of "just 2" kids from each family. Both my sister and I plan on breaking that--last weekend my granny asked us how many kids we wanted and I told her bluntly that she would be judging my choice. For some reason, I think that all my family sees when you have more than two kids is how expensive college will be--which is even funnier considering none of them helped out with my college. So I don't know who it was more expensive for--me or them. LOL. Anyway, this totally random post is to say that there are some people out there that think like you guys do. I want a minimum of three kids when that time rolls around. And who wouldn't want a whole passel of kids when they're as beautiful as yours?!

Have a great weekend and happy spring break! (I'm just ending mine...waaaah....)

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