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March 18, 2008



Oh how frustrating with the pharmacy! Especially when you don't feel good already and you have kids with you.

Glad Katelynn is doing so well. Hope you start feeling better soon! :)


Really cute picture!!! I love candid happy ones. You have a darling family. I'm not a fan of Walmart either. Too bad they have such cheap prices. :) I hope y'all feel better. Congrats on your new little one.

Shawna Taylor

What a cute photo of the 5 of you! You all look so happy! Hope you feel better soon!


again..i love the photo..both u and hubs really are good with the camera. are you guys on nikon or canon?

oh btw, love the LO you did for the baby arrival, simply gorgeous


as a mother of 6 i get asked how do i do it everywhere i go. like you, i just do it, and i don't always do it well. so my reply is always the truth: God's grace.

you have a beautiful family!


I will be praying for protection from illness for Katelynn. I hope you feel better soon!

Michelle Filo

sorry, I am one of those that would ask "how do you do it all?" *giggles* that is a mark of GOOD people my friend, to be able to give everything of yourself without reservations, I admire this! I find it so hard with only two, but I totally enjoy the rewards, I wouldnt have any other way and just like you, once they were here, I would love and care for them, even if they were 3, 4 or 5!!! (but in the meantime I am happy with 2 LOL)


Hi friend! Do you have the newest Caedmon's Call album (Overdressed)? You NEED to listen to the song "Sacred." Such a neat perspective on mommyhood--even for me with no kids yet.

P.S. Will you e-mail me your mailing address. I have a card for your little one!

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