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March 12, 2008



Love the pics--she is so adorable! I hope the eating issues resolve soon--I am sure they will:) And I'm with you...I loooove NOT being pregnant! LOL!!

Shawna Taylor

Aww she's so precious Janet! My DH was the same as yours with the newborns, but I could always count on him to nap with the babies though! And I think she looks a lot like Miss Alaina!


I agree that she looks like Alaina, that was the first thing I noticed today! Great pics, hope you can work out the eating issues soon.
Take Care.


Oh Janet she is adorable! I miss having a newborn!


What beautiful pictures!


There is just something about a daddy snuggling with his baby girl that makes a heart fairly sing!

She is a doll Janet, congrats again!


She's a doll. Although I am done having my babies, I can always admire others! And yes every first trip out should include a trip to Target, it makes you feel more normal again! Hope she starts feeding better for you, she probably is just sleepy/laid back!

congrats again!

Liz Martinez

I can't believe I hadn't been online any sooner! She is beautiful Janet!
God bless you & your family.

Angi Smith

Seriously - that is the prettiest newborn I have ever SEEN!!!!!!


She is such a precious one! Love this stage too.
My DH is pretty much like yours - sometimes, he even falls asleep ahead of the kids! LOL!


She is beautiful, Janet!


She is so precious Janet!!! congrats for your beautiful baby!


those pics are just precious...yah, i get what u mean by their *bonding*

Michele M

Congrats on the baby! She's adorable. You have a beautiful family. My 4th is turning 4 soon. It goes so fast!!!


She is just so adorable! What a beautiful little girl!

My youngest's first trip out of the house (besides going to grandma's on Christmas Day) was to Target! LOL! What does that say about us as parents????

Good luck with the feeding. I know it will work it's way out! My oldest was a finicky eater too, but soon discovered that he LOVED eating after about 3 - 3 1/2 weeks.


I haven't had a chance before now to add my congratulations to the rest! Katelynn is beautiful:-) Now you have the "perfect" family...two boys and two girls (like mine growing up). I love it:-)

Allison Davis

She is so adorable! I can totally relate to the "bonding", my husband is the exact same way!

Karah Fredricks

OMG Janet - she's ADOOOOOORABLE!!!!!!!!!! seriously - I just want to eat her up!!!


Margie S.

Cute, cute, and more cute!!! So sweet to see Katelynn's pictures and love the one with her and Jason!! Glad you are back online :)

Michelle Filo

oh my Gosh, loveing the pictures Janet!!! she is such a cutie! Yes, there was a lot of that kind of bonding here too ;)
I am not going to go on and on about Katelynn's feeding, it is ok to fell the way you do, just wanted to let you know that neither my kids ever had the second breast... maybe she is like that :)


Oh, so cute! Enjoy!!

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