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March 20, 2008



That pic is too funny! Hehe!

Sorry you guys are still sick. It's awful, I know, 'cause I had it for 2 weeks. Hope you get lots of rest today and get well soon.

(And, yes, everyone else--except me, thank goodness--either has a new baby or is pregnant. It's crazy how it comes in waves like this!)


When my Abby was about Levi's age, she would eat anything, along as she had something else to dip it in. She wasn't picky - ketchup, applesauce, ranch dressing, etc., as long as it was 'dippable.'


He sounds like my 2nd son, he will not do anything you want to do when you want him to do it, but give him half a second and he'll do it on his own terms and then do something else just to boot! And he loves playing to the "crowd" so I know I've got a comedian in the works too!

Hope the sickies go away soon! Put some of that Vicks on your feet and put some socks on, it really does help! I have no idea why!!!


I too have heard the Vicks on feet with socks bit - good tip from Sprauncey! Cute picture - looks yucky though - LOL! Enjoy your day and I hear you on slowing down time!


Cookies & ketchup? Gross!!! :)

I'm hoping you guys are feeling better...being sick is no fun!

Have a wonderful Easter!

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