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March 04, 2008



Oh, Janet--believe me I KNOW how you feel!! I have one more week to wait and it STILL seems like forever! Your reasons for going with the induction are pretty much exactly the same as my reasons for going with the C. I can honestly say, though, that there is absolutely no way I could have endured Epcot for 3 hours right now!! Looking forward to seeing some super cute pics! Enjoy your pampering day:)


Yippee for pampering!!! Glad you enjoyed Epcot! Yeah for Thursday too, but I will still pray for au natural!!!


Best wishes to you, Janet!


I will be praying for you and that baby this week! (((HUGS)))

Margie S.

Glad you made it through the day :) Your babies are so cute!! Have a fun day shopping :)


Janet, you have the most beautiful children!!!

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