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February 27, 2008



You are so spot on with all of these. You got me laughing! Here's to a new baby coming SOON!!!

Leslie (lhaslem)

omg - i can't believe it's so excited for you - lovin' your list - way to look at the positives:)


Hehe! I love Nutty Bars, and Twix, and ..... I could seriously go on and on! It really is a wonderful thing to be able to eat what you want without the guilt. I used to love being pregnant in the summer, 'cause you could eat a big meal and get in your bathing suit without worrying about a huge bulge (there was already a baby bulge!).

I remember feeling like the last month of my pregnancies were lasting forever. Good for you for finding the positive!!!

Brooke - in Oregon

This brought back some great memories (ancient memories) and so had me chuckling. ROFL: 'if people can get past the size of baby's feeding station' Oh I about had my computer wearing coffee after that comment! Oh girl, this is sooo good that you have written it down. When you are looking back at it you are going to have such good laughs. "a day is like a 1000 years." Ok, I have put my coffee down until I am finished reading this! Thanks for the morning smiles and for bringing back some long ago but not forgotten memories!


You had me laughing out loud tonight! Love that you're looking at the good while you're in waiting! :) Ah, laughter really is the best medicine - it's doing me good right now - hee-hee! :)


LOL! JAnet! Loved reading your post. That is EXACTLY how I was....ok, not the appetite part LOL but pretty much everything else!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face! Good night from me! :)

Shabby Miss Jenn

OH hang in there girleee! Almost over. The last days are so hard and frustratin! Hugs!


Oh - I really remember being where you are. Hugs! You will make it. Glad you can see at least some good in it =) I will pray for a quick and easy delivery for you and your new little one! Have Jason keep us informed .......

Michelle Filo

hahaha love this, oh so true!!!
and it just scares me to think I was already reading your blog when you announced you were moving and then that you were pregnant... where did the time go?
Time just flies no matter what so I are SO right when you say you are going to blink and the kid will be one! SO TRUE! keep your eyes open dear :)

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