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February 29, 2008



Wow! Reading your journaling gave me goosebumps! I enjoy reading your blog, and appreciate your spiritual insights. That's very refreshing! I'm looking forward to your latest grab bag. May you have a speedy (but not TOO fast!)and safe delivery--SOON! :)


Simply beautiful!


Your journaling is so touching. What a wonderful thing to be able to look back in hindsight on really trying times and realize how it shaped you into more of what God wants you to be. His ways are not our's and we don't always understand, but He is God, and He is good.

I haven't ever experienced miscarriage myself, but have had my heart broken with some dear friends because of their miscarriages and fertility issues. I know it is so hard. What a blessing that you're now on #4 baby!!!

Have a great weekend!


Wow, lovely layout. Having been through my own struggle, I believe that the infertile journey makes us so much stronger, as a person, a couple and even as a parent. Not that I thought all that while I was going through it...
How exciting that Baby #4 should be here soon!


I love your layout. The journaling is so heartfelt and honest. Thank you for being open and vulnerable!
Can't wait for the newest grab bag!
Praying for you and for a wonderful birth!


Your journaling is wonderful and I love your heart and faith. Blessings to you today, Janet!

Brooke - in Oregon

While I have never experienced the loss of a baby, I still felt your journaling to the core of my heart! WOW what a powerful layout, thank you for sharing it. :)


Congrats on your new baby, so exciting! Life is good. =) This LO is gorgeous! Your candor is refreshing and inspiring. My understanding of God is the most exhilarating paradox I've come across in life: the more I find out that I don't understand about Him, the more in awe I stand at the depth and breadth of all that He is. I suppose that makes no sense at all, but somehow it rests well with me. God Bless you and your family!

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