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February 26, 2008


Donna (kygirl)

Aren't you a sweetie? Janet, we really do love working with you. I totally agree with you about SBG. I'm just really proud to be affiliated with such a wonderful group of women.

Michelle aka PlumTuckered aka The Chicken Lady

Woohooooo I'm so glad you're happy with the baby goodies :-)
I also agree with you about SBG. I'm very blessed and proud to be a Crew Member!
Now go get your hair done and take a nap LOL


awww...I'm all warm and fuzzied up now! Glad you got your packages, Janet! We're so excited about your baby! Everything will fall into thing at a time!

Shabby Miss Jenn

Oh how sweet of them! K I need those boxes!

Karen Maggie

Oh Janet this is so sweet! The 'Thank you' looks great, but your sweet words about SBG and the Crew are even greater!

Margie S.

How fun!! What a sweet group of gals :) That box is great too!!
Go make an appt for your hair before time runs out :)

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