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January 21, 2008



Oh my, tough call on the "highlight" of the weekend. Eep! I can laugh because I'm not dealing with it! :) We start tomorrow. Whew - don't feel ready but here it comes. Love your journaling today. Such an adventure! {{hugs}}


only 6 more weeks?!?! Time sure flies! WOW! Good luck in getting registered at the hospital AND preparing your hospital bag!!! :)


Oh my - a hole in the wall or the cleaning incendent - well - might have to say the hole! Hope your week goes a little more smoothly - LOL!

I am so excited for you - I remember 4 short months ago feeling those same things!!! How exciting!


I hear ya on the 6 weeks! We're adopting a baby girl from Korea so while I don't have the physical pain, I certainly have the emotional anxiety! We're down to only about 4 weeks (I hope!!), so I'm feeling a little panicky myself trying to get everything ready for her to arrive and trying to prepare work as well since I am not planning to return to work after she arrives.


It's 6 weeks loooooooong for me--that's for sure! (Although it's really 7 weeks for me but who's counting, right???). Not expecting any early appearances here--that's for sure! But it would most certainly be very welcome-LOL! Reading your blog I'm thinking that maybe I should think about what *I* need to be doing--really I feel like we don't neeeeeeed anything except the bunk beds we already ordered, and a new car seat. Other than that, I keep thinking--what do we need????? Nothing? Ummmm...diapers? Yeah. Diapers. Haha!!!! Hope you are feeling good-as good as can be anyhow!

Joy(aka nanay2angels)

I remember my doctor telling me the exact same thing when I was pregnant with my 4th! LOL! And boy, did my little girl go quickly! I've always had quick labors but my last one(the 4th) was so quick I almost gave birth in the wheelchair! The stuff you see in movies? Yup, it happened to me!
Goodluck with the last several weeks. I bet it's going to swoosh by.


Mother to four...that would send me into hiding :) I am a mother of three and I wonder how I would ever do it. However, all the mothers of four that I know say that after three it's not really any harder. I haven't been willing to trust that theory yet. Of course, you do what you have to do - I wondered how I would handle three and I wouldn't change anything for the world. There are 12 girls at church who are all pregnant and it is giving me a little bit of the bug! My husband, however, feels like his cup runneth over with three ;)


Hi ---Just found your site on a link for digi scrapbooking...and stayed to read a bit. I'm six weeks away from baby#3 appearance, so I get exactly what you mean.

Looking forward to discovering more here at your site. Thx!

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