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January 24, 2008



You are such an adorable pregnant girl!! Love that picture & you look VERY young to me! :) Try not to hit anyone today if they say, "You haven't had the baby yet?" or whatever silly things people say to you that are supposed to be nice but make you feel worse! :)


Enjoy your time with your sister, and of course you know Alaina will enjoy her time!!! I totally know what you mean bout being the "older" mom now - even though we are still young, we are very seasoned already with all our stories and experiences!


Oh, I haaate being the "last one." LOL! I was "last" when I had J, and it just made it seem like forEVER! I was either first, or one of the first with E, and that was soooooooo nice! I have one friend who is close to me, but after (or should be but we'll see since she's having twins) and then 2 more after me as well. Although this last 6-7 weeks still seems to be moving reeeaaally sloooooooooooow!
Have a wonderful time with your sister/family!

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