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January 19, 2008



Looks like you picked an awesome team Janet!


Congrats to you ladies!! And to Anna for the Fat Pack!


thanks Janet! hope you get to feeling better.
congrats to everyone...i'm so exicited to be a part of the team!!!

Andrea C.

Congrats to the new girls on the team! I know they are gonna rock your templates for the world to see!! I know you had a hard choice, your talent is amazing and I was sure you had tons of apps!
Congrats Anna on the Fat Pack!


Looks like you added some awesome scrappers, Janet!

sarah vrolyk

Congrats to everyone! So excited to be working with everyone ... can't wait to get to know you all better.

Feel better soon, Janet!


Congrats Anna & to everyone else on joining the team! I can't wait to get started and get to know everyone!! Hope you feel better soon Janet, have a great weekend everyone :)


really excited to join the team ;)


I'm so excited too.. Congrats to everyone.

Janet, hope that you're feeling better soon. Being sick sucks!


Congrats to everyon! I'm so happy to be part of a wonderful team, looking forward to get to know everyone better.

Hope you're feeling better now Janet!


Ahhh...This was a great announcement to come home too - still just in shock and so excited! Congrats to everyone!!!


Janet - I was so excited, that I missed telling you that I hope your work weekend went okay with being a little under the weather a bit.

Anna M.

I hit my hubby when I saw my name on that post. I really can't believe that I am getting the Fat Pack. Thank you so much Janet. You really are my favorite template maker.
Congratulations to the new CT too.

Michelle Filo

Congratulations ladies!!! Sorry I missed the call (Brazil was too much fun hehehe)
Hope you feel better soon Janet :)

Cathy P. (Cayla73)

Congrats Anna!
And to the rest of the team!
Can't wait to dig into the goodies and start playing!


Congratulations everyone! Hey, soon as you have everyone's usernames at SBG, let me know 'em and I'll finish up that special forum for you! I know some of the them, but not all.

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