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December 17, 2007



Happy, happy anniversary! Love those old shots! Familiar story. :) Hugs to both of you!


Happy Anniversary Janet! Hope you have a wonderful lunch! We have no one that can just watch our kids for us *whenever* either, so I know how you feel! And I had to crack up at the Diego comment. DS wants to be called "Mr Effwa" LOL! (Effwa is what E used to call him). Sometimes he wants to be called Effwa Lagasse Haha!

Brooke - in Oregon

I love to hear women talk about their hubbies that way. It is how I feel about mine too :) It just seems so many women complain about their husbands KWIM? I thank God all the time that he gave me who he did!

I hope you have a fabulous lunch out and I wish you many, many more great years!


Have a wonderful anniversary, Janet! I'm with Brooke...that's how I feel about my dh too after 22 years of marriage. Be blessed today and always. Hugs!


Yeah - Happy Anniversary!!! You've got about a year on me - and soon one extra kid!!! How fun! Have a great lunch - I am glad that you get to go out together - just you two! I do know how truly blessed I am to have babysitters on hand! Your journaling is awesome by the way!


Happy Anniversary! But why on earth would you bother trying to get cat food out of a kid's mouth? LOL!

Jennifer Caputo

wow Janet!!! Congrats!! Hey, are you still up for doing something over the holidays? Let me know!

JanMary, N Ireland

Happy Anniversary. Gorgeous LO. Loved what you wrote about your dh. Glad (I think!?) that it is fleas...or am I...not sure on that one.


I was THERE! Yeah for anniversaries! Congrats on 8 years!


P.S. I keep meaning to respond to your e-mail. The short answer is Josh says yes, he's interested, but he needs more info. More later!

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