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October 11, 2007



Oh I hope you feel better, Janet!!! Nights like that one are NO fun! I have a hard enough time getting a good night's sleep as it is-LOL! And woohoo--we'll have weather in the upper 60's the rest of this week as well. It's about time!!!! Enjoy it!


Janet, have you ever seen The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood? There is this scene where the mother has a breakdown because the kids are all throwing up on her and she steps in poo and they're all four wanting her attention...and she can't handle it and starts cussing and yelling at the kids. I thought she was such a terrible mother--until I found myself having the same reaction with just ONE baby! Parenting is hard and exhausting work, as rewarding as it is. I'm glad you can see the humor in your life, and I hope you get some rest today.


Hope you can get that much-needed rest today!


I hope you get some much needed rest, Janet!


Hope you will feel better quickly! Oh I miss the fun pumpkin patches. Rarely get pumpkins here -I almost forgot about the patches!! Adorable LO :)

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