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October 03, 2007


Shawna Taylor

Oh no! Well I hope the rest of your day is better than the start of it has been! Have fun at Epcot :)


You just put things so well! I had two days of the elated feeling you talked about in the beginning - the "good" days! Back home now and my morning is vaguely familiar to yours - LOL! I'll embrace it too b/c those good moments of staring in a newborns eyes and being NEEDED is WONDERFUL!


Very eloquently put, Janet! Yes, even the curdled milk part, lol! yes, I've got days when I just want to shut out everything the 4 kids are saying...but then again, a kiss, a hug, an "I love you Mama" is all it takes, and I'm mush :)

Michelle Filo

I mentioned before, you write like .. a writer :) LOL great stuff! I can relate so bad it is not funny :) hope you have a great time!


Oh just wait, eventually it will be your 16 year old backing your car into a pole! Come to think of it...I'd rather have that than puke any day.


Ugh Janet! That's a rough morning! At least you got to go to Epcot though:) And I know all the good stuff more than makes it worthwhile. I hope tomorrow is a better though!!!


This post was timely for me...I was listening to my newborn scream, while nothing I did helped, and my nerves were raw and I though, 'At least I'm not alone...and I have such good company!' Hope your day got better!

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