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October 19, 2007


Theresa Marie

Love the toy rotation idea. It is so neat to hear you were in Malaysia as my husband is from there. We visited just two days after the tsunami and to see the conditions some people live in just breaks my heart. I absolutely love the spirit they have over there for Jesus because everything they do they do whole hearted! Your layout is wonderful - as always :)


Sooooo...did you find out??! Gender??? Inquiring minds want to know-LOL!! SOrry you are still sick. You are right that it's worth it, but it sure is still HARD! I hope you feel better! We started the toy rotation thing and just took box #2 a week or so ago. They played for about 20 minutes and then J took the box into the living room and told us it needed to go back. Go figure. Have a super weekend!

Shawna Taylor

Congrats on hitting the 20 week mark Janet! Sorry your still dealing with the throwing up though - definitely no fun but you are so right the end result is totally worth it! I'm typing this as my 5 month old naps peacefully in his infant seat :) How fun that you can go to Disney any time, can't wait to see your photos!


Wonderful, touching journaling!

Toy rotation? That is a GREAT idea! I should try that out with my kids!

Hope your pregnancy gets easier from here on out!

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