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October 12, 2007



No need to return comments - just get well! :)

Leslie (lhaslem)

oh man, that's awful...i hope you feel better soon!


AAA will give you free towing to their car care center from anywhere on Disney property. I hope you feel better soon!


Howdy! Hope you are feeling better soon and your family as well! I just purchased your Cuddle Bug Album yesterday but have a question about it how can I get in touch with you about that? Thanks Cy


Hope you feel better soon, Janet!

Andrea (HappyScrapMom)

OMGosh, you poor girl. Somehow, I missed that you are preg, congrats! That is so great. Sorry you are SO sick, you poor girl!

Gatorade works like magic. Hang in there!


Andrea (HappyScrapMom)

Oh and I agree with the above poster, no need to return comments, you just feel better, you cute girlie! :)

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