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October 22, 2007


Shawna Taylor

Glad you had a nice weekend Janet! And I never felt any of my babies moving until close to 20 weeks or so & my OB said that was completely normal! At my ultrasounds at around 16-18 weeks the tech always said the baby was bouncing all over the place in there & I couldn't feel a thing LOL!

deann mcdaniel

oh, janet - your jounaling is perfect! i think i too am very selfish - i think i need those cuddles and loves through out the day WAY more than they do - which is probably why at some point, nate will say to me, "No more KISSES!" and then he smiles!


deann mcdaniel

Awesome journaling as usual, Janet, and GREAT page! Love it and love the photos! You have a knack for putting into words what we all feel, I think!

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