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October 24, 2007



Great photos! Where is the photo frame (with the staples) from? It looks so cool :D


That first photo of the two of them? Love it.

That pumpkin layout is adorable.

You are a daily read for me. Enjoy you and am inspired by you.

Continue to feel better and better with each day that passes. :)

Michelle Filo

OMG what gorgeous photos of Alaina and Levi!!!!! LOVE it Janet, thanks for sharing with us :)


What great pictures today, Janet! Your daughter looks so much like you! What precious kids you have! :)


Oh oh oh!!! I want to live in Orlando, too!!! LOL! Awesome photos of the Magic Kingdom AND the kids of course. They (the kiddos!) are gorgeous!

Andrea C.

Those photos of Alaina and Beav are just awesome! They are both lil hams for the camera huh? I wish I could get mine to do that, he just throws out the peace sign and makes all these serious faces, LOL.

I think VA has forgotten fall too :( Last weekend would have been the prime time for photo taking here and wouldn't you know I had to work, ugh! The trees still have a few colorful leaves to them so we're going to give it a try this weekend so keep your fingers crossed for me :)


Janet!!! Email me girl - we gots to get together :)

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