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October 30, 2007



Hey girl! I try to read your blog just about every day, even though I don't always post. Been praying for you to feel better so I was delighted to read your blog today! Yeah! I hope you continue to feel the energy and enthusiasm you need to keep up with the joys and challenges of life. And I must say yesterday's blog was a hoot! I laughed out loud! Course not funny for you when it was happening, but I could soooo relate! Thanks for being real! Have a terrific rest of the week! Oh, gotta love that LO of Levi and yippee for the coupon! :) Thanks a bundle!


. . . oops! Sorry didn't mean coupon - meant sale. Don't want to confuse anyone! :) I really shouldn't type when I'm this tired! Eek!


I'm so glad you're feeling better; I know how miserable I felt, and I wasn't even throwing up. It's amazing how much my perspective has changed since I got that baby OUT of me, though! I really thought it was strange how everyone around me was terribly annoying, but now they're all so enjoyable. ;) I always admire how honest you are, and you are such an encouragement to me!

Andrea C.

Awesome sale Janet!! Can't wait! Woot! Love those pics of your little one on the layout, so cute!

I'm glad that you're feeling a little better now, I hope that energy and all those good feelings stay with you now, it can't feel good to not have those with you and to not feel like you! ((HUGS))


Glad things are looking up, Janet! It's so weird cuz I've felt just terrible this time around too. So weird--and very unexpected. I felt great the first two times! Have a great day!


Janet Glad you are feeling better!Usually when your pregnant a lady will constantly be changing moods but When I was pregnant with my 4th I hit bad mood and stayed there the entire pregnacy! It was terrible! My two oldest are certain that every pregnant lady is just grumpy and mean! The very day I had my 4th the mood was just lifted off~it was amazing the difference that very second ~I was back to myself. I was happy again and I missed that very much.I did go and have a 5th baby but I will let you know it wasn't anything like the 4th. Glad you are feeling better and its not comsuming you the entire pregnancy. Thanks for all you do! Cy

Donna (kygirl)

Janet, I'm so glad you're starting to feel like yourself again. I know how frustrating it can be when you're not able to do the things you want to do. That layout is precious. I hope those were washable markers. :-)


Janet, I am sooo glad to read that you are feeling a whole lot better. This pregnancy has seemed difficult for you from the start...but knowing you through your writing and insights on your blog, your trust in Him has never wavered...and this I think will make everything all the more worthwhile.

That layout of Levi is darling! I hope the markers came off? LOL!

Wonderful sale! Off to see what I don't have of yours!

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