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October 08, 2007



Oh man - 4th pregnancy - I can't imagine what I would do in my 4th pregnancy. I feel like each one got harder on my body! I hope you start feeling better soon! Great Disney photos - you guys are so lucky!!!


I know what the difference is with this pregnancy - you've just moved, started a new job, had lots of travelling & stress and had 3 precious little ones to care for. Be kind to yourself! I'll pray that your good health and energy returns soon =)


Ugh, Janet--so sorry you are feeling bad..still! Yucky enough to feel bad for the beginning, but then to look forward to the happy 2nd trimester and not have it--ugh! Oddly enough, I've still not been feeling right either! I thought I was past it, but well--not so much. I'm cooking a chicken and I am having to breathe through my mouth so I don't smell it--and that is new. I made chicken last week and was fine! Go figure. Are you going to find out the gender? Hope things get better FAST!


Let me just say, we are a Disney crazy family and I have to say that Animal Kingdom IS my favorite park! It is typically less crowded than the other parks, which makes it nice. I am going to so enjoy seeing your Disney pictures on your blog! I've always told DH that if we ever move anywhere NEAR Orlando, we will be season pass holders! Hope you get to feeling better soon!


Fun pics at the Animal Kingdom! Love the one where Caleb is defnitley unsure about that monkey from the Lion King, LOL! Gotta love his expression!

Hope this month of pregnancy passes soon for you so you can start to feel better!

Theresa Marie

I'm sorry you are not feeling well Janet :( I was ill until 30 weeks along with my sencond daughter (who will be 3 months soon) So I do kinda understand what you are going through. I also get the eye twiching! agh... annoying isn't it?! I really hope and pray that your pregnancy illness will go away soon!
OH and you photos from disney are Awesome!


Hope you feel better soon! I get that eye twitch thing too. Feels so weird! Such cute pictures-love the progressive ones :)



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