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September 17, 2007



Your poor baby! I'm so glad he's okay. I'll be praying for you this week; I hope you have a great time!

Leslie (lhaslem)

Good luck this week - and have fun! Sorry to hear about your little guy - that's incredible that he fell asleep:)

Safe trip!


Poor, brave Caleb! Hope he heals up quickly. Best wishes and blessings for this next week. Will be praying for you!!!

Michelle Filo

Caleb looks absolutely gorgeous even in those pictures! what a looker you have ;) Glad to hear he is ok! what a scare hey?
hope you can get everything organized for your trip with no further dramas :)


Poor baby!! I am glad he did so well in the ER though and didn't have to be strapped down!! What a little tropper!!

Woohoo for Vegas!! Wishing you all the luck in the world...I know we all would love to see your name announced as the SOY winner!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!! You'll be right down the street from me (we live in North Las Vegas)!!


Welcome to the world of boys =) It will probably not be your last trip to the ER. Glad Caleb did so well for the doctors. I'll be praying that you will be really efficient today and get everything ready to go to Vegas. Have fun!


Oh POOR Caleb!!!! And I agree with Stephanie above me...welcome to the world of boys. Aside from visits to the ER, there'll be tons of scratches and bruises to come :)

Hope you have an uneventful trip to Vegas! Good luck packing!

deann mcdaniel

oh my! poor little guy - poor mom!!!

i can't WAIT to hear about your vegas trip - i so wish i had kept my reservation - ugh!!!!

talk to me when you get back - i'm sure rooting for ya!


Joy Gross

oh my goodness... you poor thing.. I know how hard that is on the mommy too. I am glad everything went so well.


Look at Caleb - oh my goodness. Funny how God works to make him comfortable with Dr's by him getting excited about your Dr. appt. Glad he is okay and bummer that he needed stitches.

God bless your travels and have FUN - I can't wait to hear if you are the winner!


I just saw on the CK site that Elizabeth won. I just have to tell you just how very proud I am of you!! You constantly amaze & inspire me...and I'm so lucky to call you my friend! I hope you're having a wonderful time and meeting lots of amazing people. I can't wait to read all about it!

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