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September 25, 2007


Michelle Filo

happy to hear what a great time you had on your trip! specially the "me" time you got, very deserving :)

strangest coincidence with Calleb and my little one, which spiked a high fever from Friday until today and just broke a rash. I was also researching the internet and am suspecting the same thing, but since I already went to the doctor twice before the rash broke, I am not even taking him back again, hopefully it is roseola and they both will be clear of it soon :)


The pictures are great Janet - the hotel looks amazing! You got to meet such amazingly talented people! Hope Caleb gets better soon - and stays healthy for ya thru the winter!


You look SO beautiful and happy in all those pictures! Can't wait to "go out" next week and hear the rest of your stories. Hope you feel better!

Great photos and commentary on the SOY awards!

Hope Caleb's wound gets better soon!

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