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September 05, 2007



I can so relate to this thanks for writing this I don't feel so alone now.


I can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this today...sorry that I feel better as you feel exhausted! But we do take comfort knowing that others sometimes feel this way too! Now, if I just could have read it BEFORE I had a child...then I would have known how much to truly enjoy my independence!! Thanks for starting my day with a smile!


I'm both kinds of mommy too! :) Good to know that I am in great company. Enjoy your ME day, Janet!!!


We all have these days, don't we! And parenting is extremely rewarding, but I also find that I'm a better parent when I've had some "me" time! Enjoy your nap this morning!

Michelle Filo

great heartfelt, honest post Janet, as usual. It is not a coincidence you have such great pages, you know exactly what you want to say (or scrap) and you do it from the heart, no fancy words, no gimmicks, just honesty, and I love that. I am also inspired by it!
Hope you had some relaxing time for yourself! I had a nap today and that made my day hehehe


I'd like one of those cupcakes too--and a rice krispie treat to go with it:) Shame on all the perfect ladies that kept reading..tsk tsk. Hope today is a good day, Janet!!! Believe me, I can totally relate!


we all have these days and who does not have is not normal Janet :) enjoy your time alone, I'd sure love to have some "me" time too!
BTW, the grab bag is awesome! love the 2 pagers :)


Oh Janet...((hugs)). I know...I've been there so many times! My youngest is now almost 16...I've raised 4 boys...I homeschooled them, have one who is bipolar, and did a lot of whining and wondering when would it end!! My dh has been out of the state for 2 months...won't be back for another month, and I snapped at him last night...just being fed up with dealing with everything by myself!

Anyway...I think the point of my post was to tell you that this too shall end. The days of them being small, sweet, cuddly, having crumbs in your bed...they will end. Sometimes I cry when I think of my oldest a in another state...I miss him terribly. Just when he became nice again (about age 22), he moved away. I think God does that to us on purpose!! Makes them mean and nasty as they are trying to be adults, that we WANT them gone!! Maybe He puts us through these times when they are young to know that we do need ME time!! I'm glad your husband gave you a little of it today!!!

deann mcdaniel

on a regular basis, on a regular basis, my friend. and then i have days more amazing then i'd of ever dreamt in my wildest dreams & i think, ok, i will keep moving along and fightin' the good fight...

funny isn't it, sometimes we have to be careful for what we wish for - we may just get it! LOL

i know you love your family more than anything, as do i - but yes, there are days when it's really hard - much harder than anyone can image until you are standing there, at your complete wits end and thinking, how am i gonna do this another moment...and then you do, you just do 'cause there's no other choice for us. i have learned to savor the good days - and milk every ounce out of them, knowing that hopefully i can hold onto some of that goodness on the days that suck! lol



Dang, Janet, I was really hoping to read your blog today, but you ruled me out in that first paragraph. ;)

Thanks for always being real; you always amaze me with your ability to balance it all. I hope you feel rested and refreshed when the fam gets home. You deserve it!


{Sigh of Relief} I am with you girl - I think I have them a little more often than you though! You are an AMAZING mom and I know you know it - which is the BEST! Hope your morning went better after all that dreaming - we do so know that this too shall pass! Muah!


No doubt about it! Many days I have wished it was all over...but now, as my oldest has gone off to college, and my middle kid is now driving herself to school, I'm very grateful for all of it. And glad I get to carry on a few more years with my little surprise guy! We all just need to learn to be kind to ourselves, to let others help, to ask for help. Let Dad do his thing with the kids. Don't treat the men in our lives like just another one of the kids either. Man, there's a lot that I would do differently, but since I can't do that, I will just try to encourage you moms with young kids at home. You'll hear it over and over these days...taking care of you is the #1 most important thing you can do for your family. I didn't do that, and I've paid the price, believe me!


Janet you are a GREAT mom! I think times like you described are normal. There was even a book titled: "Where Does A Mom Go to Resign?"

I can relate to Debra's second paragraph. I too had times when I wondered when it would end and now that those years are gone I would like to go back and do it all over again. I would like my times with my sweet little girl and her brothers. Now I have time to nap and read and whatever but I'd rather be with the little ones.

Continue to enjoy your blessed life. MWAH


I hear ya! I'm going on 7 days of sleep deprivation and making a 2nd trip to the doc. with an extremely sick kid. Seems like when it rains it pours! Thank goodness those times are brief and the good outweighs the bad!


Yes, yes, yes!!! Been there many a time!! Some days are just rougher than others. I don't think I have ever met a 'perfect' mom-only ones who thought they were :)
Just remember your post the other day-God is for us!! AMEN!!!! (remember even He had a moment like that with His children LOL) Now go have some ice cream and chocolate!


I laughed so many times while reading this post, Janet. I have only one two-year-old, but I can totally relate. That part about the snack (and the kid deciding that he needed that snack too) was my favorite! :) I hope today is better!

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