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September 13, 2007



Awwww, that's a great idea! How sweet! I had to comment about the restaurant. It's got to be a churrascaria - hmmm, they're the best in the world!! I'm very jealous. Enjoy it to the max! Not only is the meat fabulous, the salad bar should be incredible. And if they've got "polenta frita" - try it, it's great. Oh, and breaded deep-fried bananas - hmmm. Have a wonderful time! Hugs!

Michelle Filo

noooooo you are NOT going to a churrascaria!!!!!!!! ack I am so so so jealous right now!!! I live in Australia and am originally from Brasil and I have to wait until december when we are going to visit to even think about churrasco........
I wonder if they sell chicken hearts were you are going? I know it sounds disgusting but I have to say it is my absolutely favorite roast!!!! ok, enough of food talk, I am hungry at 1AM in the morning and cant snack ;)

I got teary (as usual) with your layout. My second child is 9 months and I am trying to convince myself he is the last, but ten I get all these mixed feeling just like you described, I am going to miss it so much.. but I really would like to spot at two, LOL

Have a great Thursday :)


How adorable is that LO - and bittersweet is so right! Glad you shared it! I love how you took the photo of the pregnancy stick. Have a great dinner tonight!


Beautiful page, Janet, and even more wonderful journaling!

My dh loves the Brazilian restaurants, too! He can probably eat a ton of meat if he could. lol


Gosh, I've never heard of that restaurant, but it sounds awesome!!! It looks like the closest one is not too close, LOL! Maybe someday...And I have just adored that LO ever since you sent it to me. The journaling is just exactly my thinking about the whole "last baby" thing. The last of everything--first words, first smiles, etc. Well, have a great dinner!!!


Congrats on baby #4. I was a little surprised about the LO only because I had not visited your blog the whole week so I did not know of your pregnancy. How exciting! Congrats again & God bless!


Sounds yummy!! Your LO is wonderful! Love your journaling -very precious!


wow, congrats Janet!!! ah, you know what you are feeling... I am right now breastfeeding my last baby whose just learned to sit and I'll not have any other small baby that can not sit :) I enjoy this time but it is really bittersweet! Enjoy your time and feel lucky that you have lived it 4 times. I had twice and can't have more kids.
God Bless you and your beautiful family, I am happy with you!

deann mcdaniel

do you mind if i just copy your journaling...oh, i've been wanting to sit down and do EXACTLY what you've written about. nate started preschool this week, and it really hit me...this is the last first day of school...we took down the crib last month, again, the realization that was the last time i would tuck a little one into a crib at night...ok, now i can't see my computer screen through the tears...i'm going to go now...but thank you for posting this layout, it's so inspiring.



That journaling makes me cry!!! Congrats again!! :) :)

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