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September 10, 2007





Glad you are starting to feel better, Janet! You know I'm super excited for you!! Can't wait to hear the news of boy or girl in a few weeks!!


Wow! Wow! Wow! Congrats, Janet!! How exciting for you all!! March 8 will be here before you know it!! :)


Congratulations!! And yes, having baby #4 definitely explains you blogging less! LOL! So happy for you!


Yipee!!! CONGRATS to you and your family!!! How fun! I will pray that everything with your pregnancy and the little precious babe growing inside is healthy! 2nd trimester is always pretty good (at least for me) so enjoy it!

8 days?!!! WOW - how exciting!


Ah-ha, just as I suspected! :) Oh, this is wonderful news! Can I tell everyone here?! They'll be so happy for you!!!!


Congratulation Janet!
You're a great mother and having 4 kids is awesome! Just what I want... Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes great!!!


How exciting!! Congratulations!! We had 4 kids in our family too and my mom would have loved even more!


Awesome news! Congratulations!!!!


Congrats! You will love having 4 =)

Michelle Filo

OH-MY-GOD these are big news!!! what can I say? COngratulations!!! Oh, I will be praying for the calmest bestest pregnancy anyone could have! you are a warrior!!!!! I have been freaking out about the possiblity we just might have a little accident on the way (I dont think so though) and that would only be my third... I truly admire your strengh :) thanks for sharing the news with us!
all the best!

Shabby Miss Jenn

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!


Yaay!! I don't have to be quiet any more!! LOL!! I am soooo thrilled for you!


Congratulations! Ok, 2 pregnancies in 2 days... I am virtually rubbing that belly, because now I have baby fever and want one! :D

Leslie (lhaslem)

That's awesome news Janet - congratulations:)


So glad the word is finally getting out! I'm so happy to share pregnancies with you, thanks for always sharing your kids with me! Let me know how the shopping goes or if you want a partner.

Shawna Taylor

Congrats Janet!! That's awesome news, best wishes for a happy & healthy pregnancy :)


Congratulations!!!!!!!! How exciting!!
Good luck with the pregnancy!
Have fun in Vegas and best of Luck to you!
I'm hoping you win!!!!!


Oooh, congrats Janet!! I wondered a bit with the sick post. I'm so happy for you and your family!!!

Good luck in Vegas!!!!


Wow! That is so exciting. Best of luck in Vegas.

Laurie Garza

LOL Janet- I guess that woukd explain the whole bag of potato chips, huh?!!!

God is good- I'm soooooo happy for you!!! I will be praying for sure!

Have fun in Vegas- I'll be rooting for you! :)

God bless!


WOW! Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting it will be to find out what you are expecting, too. btw, I am a Vegas local, so keep me in mind if you need anything!


Hey, my warmest congrats, Janet!!!! Hugs!

Joy Gross

CONGRATULATIONS... that is aweosme.


Wow!!! Congratulations on the new baby!!! That is huge news and so exciting!!! Enjoy it!!!

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