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September 24, 2007



Glad to see you back at the ole blog!! Sounds like Vegas was FABULOUS and that you had some well deserved alone time!! I don't know the girl who won but she must be amazing if she won over you!! :) Welcome home!! Can't wait to see pics!!


So good to hear from you again! What a whirlwind of stuff going on you have had lately! I bet emotionally you are ready for some normalcy (if there is a normal - right?). Glad you had a safe and fun trip - bummed you didn't win, but now you will totally be able to focus on this little baby growing inside of you! Can't wait to see the LO's that you submitted if/when you are able to share them!!!


Wow - I got emotional just reading your blog; you've had a lot going on =) Glad you are back and had such a nice time in Vegas despite the let down. You'll need to update us on Caleb when you get on again. Hope the little guy is doing ok.....


Yay! You're back! Glad to hear you got some ME time and had a great time with the CK gals. Can't wait to see photos! :)


Glad you're back home. I loved reading your blog today. I totally get the emotion thing. Course I missed you and was really cheering you on! Vicky found the news and sent it to me. You've got a big venture coming up but we were still rooting for you. :) Hope you can play catch-up and stay healthy! Big hug!!!


Great big hugs to you Janet!! Love you sharing your open heart with us...brings us right there with you :) I thought Jason was going with you...guess I will have to reread some posts. ANyway, everyone always says it....but it's tried and that makes you a winner in heart :)


I've been checking in daily to see how it went! I'm glad you had a good time and sad that you didn't win, but I'm sure the experience was wonderful!


I am so glad that you were there to tell us how it is being a SOY finalist!!! ah, the hotel room was fantastic! OMG! I am feeling so tired today - one bad mama day lol - and wow, I'll go bed now and dream about the veneziam before DS awakes to be nursed lol everything looks wonderful and so are you! I love the photos, all of them :)

Poor little Caleb, I still did not have my trip to ER but everyday I think it will be today :) DD is 2 years old and lives dangerously lol Enjoy your paper scrap goodies! I love mine too! Hugs from Spain!

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