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September 26, 2007



OH - how sweet it is to hear little children talking and praying like that! We have a series at church right now on prayer and how many of us were never TAUGHT how to pray. I am one of those people so I am hoping that the series helps me to learn how to pray and in turn I will be able to teach my children! Great post - good luck with homeschooling - you and Alaina will do GREAT!


What a wonderful thing to be able to brag about! How precious!!

Theresa Marie

it's so neat to read about your young daughter praying like that. my daughter is only almost 2 and is praying, but I can't wait until she's speaking more so in sentences to see what she actually prays beyond the "bless elephant - amen" stuff :)

I want to thank you also, because your post brought encouragement to me with homeschooling. I am in the midst of making that decision for next year. So thank you for the encouraging blog post!

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